I'm new to church

WHAT CAN I EXPECT? If you are new to church we are glad you are checking us out! We look forward to making your visit with us a good one! We know how awkward it is to visit somewhere and not know the “”Ins”” and “”outs”” that regular attendees take for granted. We hope the following questions and answers will help you feel more comfortable. If you have any questions that you would like to address before visiting, please don’t hesitate to call us 619-977-0633 or e-mail us at info@cfoec.org . We look forward to welcoming you to Christian Fellowship of El Cajon!

WHAT WILL I FIND AT CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP OF EL CAJON? Christians that have made the commitment to follow Christ and walk in the light of God’s word in love. A casual and comfortable atmosphere filled with brothers and sisters who enjoy meeting new people and love children. The worship is a blend of traditional, contemporary and spirit filled music that honors God and rejoices in freedom from sin. The truth is spoken here by brothers that have picked up their crosses and are following Christ there may be two or more that will speak at each service. Our youth ministry is focused on introducing our children to the bible and preparing them to enter the congregation when they are ready.

WHEN DOES CHURCH BEGIN AND WHAT ARE SERVICES LIKE? Our service on Sunday is from 10:00AM to 12 noon. The order of service is unique, and may be a little different then your traditional church service. We begin with contemporary worship from 10 to 10:30, and then we pray for our children and release them to Children’s church. The rest of the congregation spends ten minutes or so to fellowship and greeting one another. You are encouraged to stand and walk around the church meeting others of like and precious faith. The call to order will come and we will have words of encouragement from our women’s, men’s and evangelism team leaders and calls for pray from our Pastor. We then prepare our hearts for the word with a short time of worship and giving. On the first Sunday of the month we celebrate open communion to all that have asked Jesus to be their savior and our living a crucified life. The word of God will be brought as bread for our spirits by the Pastor and other brothers that the Pastor will call on to come and speak. The messages are anointed by the Holy Spirit to bring about conviction and repentance to all that have ears to hear. After the word is spoken we will pray and dismiss the parents to pick up their children from children’s church and all are invited to stay as long as you like to fellowship and making plans to have lunch together.

IS THERE A MID WEEK SERVICE OR CLASSES? There is a mid week service on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 where there this a short worship time and the word is spoken. We also have several classes at the church during the week for leadership development and most excellent way. There is also several home groups and bible studies that are available for you to attend during the week.